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SMART Remittance

SMART technlology software manages the complete lifecycle of a remittance transaction, the relationship with senders, beneficiaries and their transaction activities. It also handles the relationship with third party agents and payees including their commission structures and the exchange rates. 

SMART excels in providing the tools necessary to meet the unique compliance requirements of both originating and destination countries. The SMART system was developed with highly efficient business processes and addresses the functional and regulatory needs of Remittance Companies.

The Agent Module


The SMART solution provides a state-of-the art agent module. This module is an HTML5 Web Application compatible with all modern browsers. The agent module’s main screen is a Dashboard with complete visibility into notifications, customer service messages, transaction statuses, rates and fees structures by countries and payees as well as the current available credit.

SMART software enables the agent to create new transactions and direct them to any payee previously defined in the system. The creation of a new transaction is easy and intuitive. The agent provides a Single Page where the transaction can be created, reviewed and confirmed.  The access to previously stored profiles is easy and intuitive including previous sender, beneficiary, payee and payment information. 

The agent can do an online validation of the data entered and ensures its accuracy, consistency and that it is compliant. The transaction is finalized with a printed receipt, which can be delivered to your customer as proof of transaction.

The agent module has a feature that allows to search and retrieve any historical transaction along with all the information stored for that transaction in any very easy and intuitive way.​​

The Backoffice Module

Transactions created in the Agent Module can be accessed by the Back Office Module. In the Back Office Module transactions are sorted through a series of filters previously established by each company. These filters then direct transactions to either a compliance Officer queue or a supervisor queue for further analysis and authorization before processing. However, the transactions cleared through the filters are directly delivered to the respective payees without queue placement.

SMART excels in providing the functionality required by a customer service representative to search, consult, edit, void and manage any transaction. Your customer service representative will have the ability to retrieve transactions from payees and repair the inaccurate information, upon repair transactions are retransmitted to payees. A comprehensive system of notes recording, notifications, follow ups and alerts provide invaluable support to the customer service representative and compliance officers. 

SMART software comes with a sophisticated messaging and alerts module that gives your company 360 degree visibility into the status of the remittances to ensure that agents, payees and backoffice representatives are always connected and aware of any issues that could arise.

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