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Virtual Payment System

The Virtual Payment System has a range of global payout methods—ACH, SWIFT, prepaid cards, existing debit or credit cards, cash pickup, checks, wire transfers—that will meet the needs of your largest and most complex clients.


VPS is the most powerful, customizable, and extensible platform that manages card programs, mobile payments, foreign exchange and transfers.


VPS handles both Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.


VPS covers all the existing sales and card processing channels including physical facilities, mobile wallet processing, online payment processing, and has the capabilty to connect to e-commerce services through our extensive platform to platform webservice APIs.


VPS serves the needs of any government agency, corporate payroll delivery needs, financial linstitutions, mobile payment companies, and money transfer organization (P2P)


We have a  globalized and localized platform that is translated into 26 different languages and can be easily operated in 200 countries. 

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